Arabian training and safety academy[:ar]Arabian Safety and Technical Institute (ASTTI)

إنضمام معهد العربية للتدريب والسلامة الى اوبال ستار
يسر معهد العربية للتدريب والسلامة التقنى إن يعلن إنضمامة إلى قائمة المؤسسات التدريبية المعتمدة ضمن مشروع أوبال ستار
Arabian Safety and Technical Institute (ASTTI) is pleased to announce that
ASTTI has joined the list of approval Opal Star provider

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7 responses to “Arabian training and safety academy[:ar]Arabian Safety and Technical Institute (ASTTI)”

  1. I have the Vocational Diploma Certificate in draftsman.Also, I am trained in Directorate General of Regional Municipalities And Water Recourse in south AL-batina. I have a Certificate Of Participation in Seeb Vocational college about “ post Foundation Strengthening Soft Skills (PF SSS) Course”.I am trained at impact
    company about the 4th industrial revolution in cooperation with PDO company.My skills is Proficiency in Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Photoshop, 3D AutoCAD , Computer Operation.My hobbies is Reading novels,Drawing (plans,elevations of houses),Cooking and Make_Up

  2. احلام says:

    Can I get a training opportunity?

  3. Safa said harib almamari says:

    No things

  4. Aina alharhti says:

    للمحاضرة كانت جيده ومفيدة

  5. Aina alharhti says:

    المحاضرة كانت جيدة ومفيده

  6. Afra Alhosni says:

    Good subject and the lecturer is good

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