Technical Training

[:en]The Academy has qualified instructors certified in the highest safety standards and experts in the field of technical training, where we have expanded the institute to build a new center consists of more classes in various sizes and fully equipped with the latest educational methods, in addition to workshops, technical training related to welding, mechanics, electrical, instrumentation , and the Institute is considered as a strategic partner in the technical training for many of the major oil companies and industrial companies in the Sultanate of Oman and the Arabian Gulf.


We can say that the institute is considered as a pioneer in the field of vocational and industrial training, offering a unique blend of safety and reliable technical programs and vocational training of first-class. It ensures that the Institute is providing the best training conditions and communicates with the trainees and officials, also guarantees you a high performance and a perfect quality in all of these mentioned fields. You can see the work of the Institute environment through the commitment of its employees who are finding it encouraging and motivating, making them more spacious and more flexible in their dealings.


Technical Training teaches the skills needed to design, develop, implement, maintain, support or operate a particular technology or related application, product or service. Related Content: Meeting the Needs of the Modern Technical Workforce Using Blended Learning.





  • Electrical :-

Students will obtain knowledge and technical skills to work as electrical technicians in Industrial wiring domain. Also, on completion of the course trainees should be able to follow all electrical safety standards, Communicate well in office and workshop environment, Apply and use technical terminologies in workshop and handle all electrical hand tools.

  • Instrumentation:

We train trainees how control the parameters in a process or in a particular system, devices such as microprocessors, microcontrollers or PLCs are used, but their ultimate aim is to control the parameters of a system.



  • Welding :

Welding training is one of the important exercises offered by the institute. Also, this field receives wide attention in the labor market. We always strive to develop the trainees’ skills in Basic Welding Operation, Oxy fuel gas cutting and Basic Fabrication.


HSE Executive:

This course aims at developing skills and knowledge required to perform the job role of a safety officer in an industry.  The course offers an integrated approach with more emphasis on practical application of safety procedures.




  • Steel Fixer :-

This specialization is one of the old specializations in the labor market. Also construction operations depend heavily on it. It is worth noting that the trainees will acquire (Knowledge of Equipment, Tools, Occupational Safety and Types of Iron) after graduation.



The institute provides training in the field of RIGGER and it is considered one of the important specialties that the administration seeks to develop continuously. Also delegates will learn the basic level of safe rigging and slinging for safe working practices associated with lifting accessories, lifting appliances and lifting operation in general.


  • Mechanical :


Mechanics is one of the distinguished specialties at the Arab Training Institute. As the mechanics workshop is equipped with all the tools and machines that assist in the training process.  Also, Students will obtain knowledge and technical skills to work as Mechanical technicians in the many different places.